We have two high-speed melamine impregnation lines that are the largest independent lines in Eastern Europe.

In our unique production line, we also have the facility of LPL for impregnated paper, barrier, balance and backer impregnation, post-forming kraft and overlay for the CPL and HPL industries, kraft lamination for the trays, home furniture and werzalit and Shuttering Kraft.

The first impregnation treater has a production width of 2700 mm. This versatile line can produce papers in sheets as well as in rolls and lacquering for edgebanding and foils can be applied. It is also used for liquid overlays and for the production of pigmented white papers. It has a yearly capacity of 36 million square meters.

The second line has a production width of 2300 mm. This line is destined for high speed treating of impregnated papers. It has a yearly capacity of 48 million square meters.