We give the utmost importance to protect the environment for all our business and production practices.

All of our edgebanding is made of thermoplastic polymers and are completely recyclable. We ensure that off-spec materials created during the color matching process are immediately recycled and used during the production process.

We use calcium/zinc based stabilisers for our PVC formulations.

Unlike some producers, we do not use lead-based stabilisers or phtalates in any of our edgebandings.

The printing inks and lacquers we use are UV-curable with no VOC emissions.

We do not use any solvent based inks, which means that we protect both the health of our employees and the environment. All of our lacqers are UV curable as well.

Our workplace air quality is continuously monitored by independent institutions.

And for the minute amounts of waste that are not able to be recyled, we use accredited disposal companies to ensure that they are incinerated in accordance with best practices.